My Story: A Bit About

WELCOME! If you love simple recipes that pack a punch, enjoy honest reviews, or geek out on how to tutorials… we’re gonna be great friends.

My thoughts on relationships? Whole living? Super personal stories? Yup. I’m documenting my journey in the wellness tab -because- sharing is caring and being open and honest matters.

At this point many internet coaches say I’m supposed to sell you. WHY should you want to keep reading? Tell you how I’m an expert. That you need me because I can help you. To top it off I’m supposed to achieve all that in just 4 sentences!!


Truth is, I’m choosing to use my voice to share my perspectives and experiences. Learning as I go. Making a multitude of mistakes, trying again, making more mistakes, finally winning at something and openly celebrating those successes. Whether that’s making a decent loaf of sourdough, creating healthy habits like taking daily vitamins, or having tough conversations with friends- it’s all important.

There are plenty of folks already showing off their beautiful looking lives. My goal is to HAVE a beautiful life regardless of how it looks to others. Maybe you feel that way too? 

What you won’t find here: a super organized, minimalist home, stark white kitchen, fashionable wardrobe, calorie counting vibes. 

I’ve got stacks of dirty dishes, an oven that hasn’t been scrubbed down since God knows when, and thrifted mismatched everything. Oh. I should probably squeeze in bathe time for Sullivan, our mini labradoodle. He’s been into some mischief lately! Pretty sure my husband and I are overdue for an actual date night. One that involves more than crackers and Netflix.

I cannot pretend to have it all together- so I don’t.

**One of the best places to see my Behind the Scenes messes, bloopers, failures, and breakthroughs is on Instagram Stories!

While it might not make sense to some, I am actively working to Create + Curate my home, passions, family, career, and faith. Not in true magazine fashion, but in all the ways that truly matter to me. The practical ones.

If any of this rings true to you, I’d love if you poked around my site! 

You can also snag a copy of my 30 Day Kitchen Reset which will get you added to my email list. Insightful, helpful messages are dropped weekly and you’ll quickly find that I host monthly giveaways featuring small women owned businesses. WHHHAAAA? I do not lie. My newsletter is the jam. At least that’s what I’ve been told by several current subscribers 🙂

It’s my hope that you feel inspired to create + curate your own spaces with purpose. That the spaces you cultivate work for you, serve your needs, and in turn serve all those around you.

Hugs, because handshakes are awkward~

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