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New in the Kitchen? Kitchen Knives Explained

I’m gonna come at this a bit backwards for some, but I’m a firm believer in this concept: Whatever you actually use is what’s best. How many times have you made a purchase, not just for the kitchen but in general, and the thing has… well… sat there?

Kitchen Basics In 7 Practical Steps

Kitchen Basics In 7 Practical Steps

It’s super tempting to just jump in, skip over the kitchen basics, and hope it works out. I’ve seen this method lead to frustration and sentiments like, “I just can’t cook.” You can. Promise. Here’s how!

Why You Should Care About Food Waste

A How To On Urban Composting

Compost is a fancy word for nutrient rich soil. This nutrient rich soil is created by recycling natural materials that decompose together. Essentially you of send half your waste  to the composer instead of the trash can and in turn you are rewarded with the best fertilizer in town!