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5 Ways to Use Up Leftover Halloween Candy

I can’t be the only one. Standing in front of the candy isle debating how many bags are necessary for Trick or Treating this year. I mean, I only do this every year… how have I not figured this out by now!!!! It’s because I HATE the idea of not having candy to pass out to little masked faces that I over purchase. While I am getting better at scaling back, there’s always leftover Halloween candy. Always. Maybe you get stuck with some too?

Since I hate wasting food but love celebrating life, I’m sharing a few of my personal favorite ways to make sure all that leftover candy doesn’t spoil.

  • Brownies
  • Rice Krispies
  • Piñatas
  • Party Popper Favors
  • Donate

Leftover Kit Kat and Hershey Brownies

Grab your favorite boxed brownie mix and gently fold in chopped Kit Kats and Cookies n Cream Hershey’s bars. The bits of cookie crumble and wafer end up adding the slightest most delectable crunch to your brownie squares. Currently, my favorite boxed mix for adding mix-ins is Ghirardelli’s Chocolate Supreme. Not too fudgy… not too cakey… just the right consistency and denseness for storing in more chocolatey goodness of choice!

Most brownie mixes these days do come with chocolate syrups and fudge packs that you can add in. I choose to omit these in order to maximize the crunch that chopped up candies give the batter. I save those packets for mixing into future homemade brownie mixes, adding to pancake batter, or mixing with whipped cream. Trust me, they don’t go to waste either.

I Love This One!
Ghirardelli Brownie Mix, Chocolate Supreme, 18.75 oz Ghirardelli Brownie Mix, Chocolate Supreme, 18.75 oz
$9.98 ($0.53 / Ounce)

This boxed mix comes with a chocolate sauce packet that is easily omitted. It's not too fudge or too cakey. Which makes it perfect for adding my own mix-ins... like chopped Kit Kats!

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02/18/2024 09:30 pm GMT

Leftover Peanut Butter Krispies

Rice Krispie Treats are always a good idea. And while I personally love my maple version, chopped Reese’s Peanut Butter cups quickly stirred into melted marshmallow (off heat) and then combined with Rice Krispies is magic. Bits of creamy peanut butter POP out with every crispy but gooey bite.

And while I’m sure having a pan of brownies or Rice Krispie Treats hanging out at home is a wonderful idea, these are also guaranteed crowd pleasers for any baked good fundraisers you might have coming up! Wonderful for taking to a friends house. Or for dropping off at the neighbors.

I Love This One!
Kellogg's Rice Krispies, Large 34.4 Ounce Box - 2 Bags Kellogg's Rice Krispies, Large 34.4 Ounce Box - 2 Bags

While other rice cereals are fabulous... there's no replacing what works best. Classic. Reliable. Perfectly crunchy. There's not a better brand to make Rice Krispie Treats with than the OG themselves.

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What’s a Party Without a Piñata?

There are so countless days each year that we gather to celebrate life and love. Birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Eve POP top of mind for me. What better way to share some fun than stuffing your leftover Halloween candy into a piñata? Seriously. Piñatas make everything better!

You can find them at a variety of places like Target, Walmart, Dollar General, Party City, Amazon, OR make one yourself. Although you won’t catch me making one *all the lols* – been there done that. I’ll pay the $20 and get 6 hours of my time back. Not everything was meant to be a DIY. Especially if you lack insane amounts of patience. Guilty as charged.

I Own This One!
Taco Tuesday Pinata 17.5" x 11" x 5" Taco Tuesday Pinata 17.5" x 11" x 5"

I should say- I've owned this one twice now! When on earth would a taco piñata ever disappoint? Nope. I couldn't think of one either. This dude is sturdy, so can take quite the beating by full grown adults. Which is another reason it's a favorite of mine.

I earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at NO additional COST to you.
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Party Popper Favors

Some folks call them poppers and others crackers. Whatever word you prefer it’s all the same inside. Bits of candy stuffed into rolls, tied in paper or tissue, nestled on top of place settings. The classic party favor that you can dress up or down to match any theme or season. Now this is a DIY I support. Assembly line that junk and call it a day in under 30 minutes (or less if you’re only making 6-10). Here’s a simple tutorial I love because it’s clear and customizable. I hope you find it helpful too!

Party Cracker filled with leftover halloween candy

Donate To a Cause Near to Your Heart

While there are a million places that take leftover Halloween candy… there’s one place that’s able to directly provide little bags of candy to kids going through traumatic events in real time. Police officers. I became aware of this, just last year, when a group of local police officers attended a neighborhood event and asked what our group was doing with the leftover candy.

We didn’t have plans at the moment and said they could have it. Curiously I asked, why? They kindly explained that it was to calm down the kids they would surely encounter later that night when responding to calls. Calls related to domestic abuse. Calls where kids would watch their family members being arrested. Calls were kids would be placed in cruisers while waiting for social service to arrive and so on.

You know… those things that happens daily in our society. Right on our own streets. In our neighborhoods. In our cities. But like most things… if it’s not directly happening to you, it’s too easy to be out of touch. And out of touch I was.

So while there are many non profits and organizations that range from food pantries to military outreach, this opportunity touched my heart the most. Because it directly affects kids in my area. The ones I pass on the street. The homes I drive by daily. And that’s where a big piece of my heart lies- in direct community. All that to say, there very well might be a local PD program or officers in your area who would gladly accept your donation. Make sure to double check with your local department or non profit of choice FIRST before randomly showing up with candy!

Let Me Know

My list on how to use up leftover Halloween candy is by no means comprehensive… but these are the 5 ways I personally use up that extra candy so I had to share! Which one of these would you give a try this year?

I’d also love to know what suggestions or recommendations you have for using up your leftover halloween candy! Let me know down below. I can’t wait to see the suggestions that come rolling in!

While you’re at the sharing and commenting, please Save to Pinterest or Share on Facebook. I need all the support I can get to keep on growing this dream of mine. A place where practical beats perfect- and simple, delicious food is a lifestyle. A place where together, we can begin filling homes and tables with joy.

Hugs, because handshakes are awkward~

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